Thursday, March 01, 2001



nothing more soothing, I was lost in embryonic sleep
and I woke to surmount clarity and wounds too deep
everything lighted up and blinded my grey eyes
I slipped into the funnel to far-gone azure skies.

to be a mother of a thousand breaths was a feeling
that throbbed under the skin and veins so healing
bringing forth in code works the somehow lost notion
of the cycle and the responsibility to its bounding motion.

we are pressed to the floor by ice shards from the waste land
i saw that I am your fingers and you have become my hand
dreams have faces that only on occasion will be divine
and these occasions will set a theory that I can enshrine.


It's been an eagle-day.
And people were scratching
their heads,
I got a cold from walking around
moving from place to place,
sleeping on wet clothes.

But that's a while ago now.
Now I sit in my warm room.

I've scrubbed too many floors with
the same water.
Well, I don't think you want
to throw up the expensive medicine.

See, I am not bothered by
such things, that was all
he said…
…there goes the days.

The Field

Like brave new children
jumping about
on the field that's the
end of the world,
they are just playing
in the sun
making fires
burning young love
into the very last air

Well, I have been blind
because this is the first
time I see how the end
looks like and it's a place
where I'd like to stay and
only because I know my
hands will be warm and
the air will be fresh
on the field

The field is endless
as a fargone asylum
made to fill the empty
hole of clean morning air
the hole where I am

Helena: I was born in 1983. I live in Copenhagen, Denmark where I am studying (high school).

Teresa White Joseph C. Hinson Diane Laurie-Farmer David Ruslander Helena

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