Monday, July 02, 2007

Deidre Elizabeth

indications for psychotropics

a gravel road to a house in the mountains
lime stone filling the tread

the dirt road that continues on past
a pot hole filled with ice in april
the grass strip in the middle

traveling across a ridge line
following a thick layer of fog
toward the interstate fence

construction equipment in a clearing
with overgrown foliage
leaky hydraulics
tires low on air
rusted keys in the ignition

and a trout stream
that only i can see or hear

Daughters of Lilith

Ask us, hell is at the edge
of the universe. Light, stars
what are they? Below absolute
zero, no movement or thought,
shiverless, silent, and burning.

Mother we pray without ceasing,
mercy, we leave the swords to rot
in last night's pizza and gin. Show
the acts that cure these marks
on our arms, between toes,
under tongues.

Restrain the beast that strikes
the evil sickening us - quell
the tremors. Keep flesh from
our mouths. Give us fresh fruit,
cool water, a stroke on the arm,
your desire to be human.

Deidre Elizabeth: i suffer from severe depression. i take the maximum allowable legal dose of wellbutrin and cymbalta as well as 3mg of risperdal for my depression.

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