Thursday, November 01, 2007

David McLean

trees and the madness

once the trees
seemed to know their meanings
for me, and have chosen
them themselves

but now we are madmen
and have chosen that madness
and we live behind walls
where demons share the sunlight
with us
as it records a day dying gratefully
on the floor

the trees have forgotten
everything and mate mindlessly
promiscuous, selling their virtue
to the wind and birds
that pimp for them,

and we are mad as the blood
that remembers our passing:
we just love it and want it,
whatever happens

David McLean has been submitting for the past year and has had about 300 poems accepted by 129 magazines and webzines. A chapbook a hunger for mourning with 53 of his poems has just been released by Erbacce Press. It is available for purchase and download at He has a blog at

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