Thursday, June 01, 2000

Peter Timusk

Cloud Girl

Watching her from below.
Talking with her now.
She seems to be light.
She is very white.
A real cloud girl,
floating through the sky.
A real cloud girl,
Catching my eye.

There are moons and suns,
but she is everywhere.
I know she is all right.
Yes, and even tonight.

A real cloud girl,
floating through the sky.
A real cloud girl,
catching my eye.

He Thought

He was thrown out for dueling
His learning of fighting
She was his love
Never became a dove
The society spent on guns
And the new country begun
To live in independence
And own language of true defense
As life carried forward
The new formula of worth
But the numbers were a measure
Of water's temperate behavior
So that his class analysis
Was cruel and baseless
And even sex and love
When shot
Brought the mind to stop
And thus Karl wrote a story
That his theory
Had made the world gory
So that now a tragic idea
Was declared a delusional idea
And now poetically said
He was one great Red.

Brothers Learn Sociology

A fence post
between good friends
moved and the judge
accepted the insanity

The norms of society
as learned by hundreds of students
were doubted and the musician
incorporated the definition
in his thoughts of the song

The tune
sung that night
was accepted and the audience
applauded the insane

life is family brothers are friendly

Peter Timusk: Recovered from schizophrenia. Interests include mathematics, computers, and literature. Lives in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

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