Thursday, June 01, 2000

Shayne Walls


Serpents swim in the night
Troubled mind frosted light
Shadows fall like the snow
In my heart embers glow

The Sea

The sea was riled
Heaving her breath
Upon the land
Stirring souls of
Men to stand


Through the abyss
We'll swim
Sun to moon
And back again
So cry no more
We'll arrive
I see the shore
I see the light

From the darkness
Of this well
You and me
Oceans swell
Douse the fires
In our minds
We find peace
Amongst the vines

Shayne Walls: 31 years young diagnosed and hospitalized with schizophrenia in December 1996. Last stay in the cracker factory June 1999.

Melissa Marino Shayne Walls David Ruslander Peter Timusk John Exell

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