Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Voices in My Head
by Dave Ruslander
80 pages
DSC Publishing
$ 29.95

When I read a book of poems that I am not naturally
inclined to pick up, when I feel a gradual awareness
while reading, an opening up of the inner eye into the
poet's world, which has for a moment become my own, I
know it is a book I'll read again. I felt this book
won me over; I stayed in the middle of a line, sat up
and took notice.

For me, this is a book of attention, both attentive to
the world around the poet, the world beyond him, and
the inner sea he navigates.

Some of these poems offer a clear vision, the writing
so clean, clear-cut, and polished.

In "Blue Ridge Mountains" he writes, "Vermillion
fingers stroke the west face/as the sun melts into the
horizon/and black falls out of the blue."

I think the fact that the poet has bipolar disorder
lends an added poignancy to the reading of these

In "Rapacious", he begins, "Funny how the black dog
glows/carrying his quarry./ When the game turns,/ he
will nip at our heels/ and we will be the
hunted,//shooting blanks…"

The book is beautifully produced with eye-catching art
accompanying the poems. Some of the artists include
Mia, Teresa White, Don Schaeffer, Schar Freeman,
Barbara Ruslander, and the poet himself.

I think this is a quiet, reflective book to be picked
up and read slowly. While reading, step back and let
your inner eye take over.

Reviewed by Jill Chan

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