Friday, September 01, 2000

Dottieann Stucko


Plant legs and arms
             the arms that soak in Life
         choke the light until the eyes grow tight
                 and the mind becomes hazy
     when that mind projects the Whole Being
             without disgust, the cell divides
                 and unplugs the entire thought
                     Desire and React
             give the fibers a chance at motion

The Drive

Not in soul In Mine
         if you were by my side
         by my current holding hand too tight
             now watch her painted frozen face
             be taken to a secret place
touch them
hold them
lose them
             is this contest a challenge
             to question SELF control
                     With the acceptance of humanity
                         I lost their remarks
                 and began to feed the sharks that told


I remember when she said I think I'm loaded. I think I'm loaded.
         and it was the she moaned this it was the way that it
         was sent to me fever and sweat dancing maybe it is Your
         a pity on the idea that I have no idea what I am doing
     there, there instead of releasing the sweaters Pile on more
         labels and sets now now moan and take the sweater off
         there are so many corners and a voice will never answer even if
     the voice is offered will it ever be given and this could be a
         the paint is given when it is said lay the medium on quick
                 and never look back forget the tongue and tape
     certain ills the only wish I wish
         Is without perfume the perfume on the
inside of your elbow a fallen leg could be a strategic maneuver
     but it wouldn't belong to me

Dottieann Stucko: I am a 22 year old art student from Chicago majoring in painting. I'm also interested in music and writing. Last year I was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Some of my influences are Lawrence Ferlinghetti, William S. Burroughs, Egon Schiele, Sonic Youth and Scratch Acid.

C. E. Chaffin Sam Vaknin Dottieann Stucko Dave Benson

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