Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Kirin Cerise

genius II

let loose the
sound of

watch his face
as he curls it
up into
a smile

watch his ruffled
watch him ride
his bike around
the house
watch him
explain in intricate
detail the
possibility of the
probable curve that the
pot lid
will take
when he
wings it across
the yard

chasing his
like a bird
after the


a ripple of bird
from the wallpaper
in this room...

your arm
relaxing behind me
the trunk of a tree
I hug with such

what I have found

a jewel
a bright stone
a hand forever
entwining with mine.

Kirin Cerise died in October 2000 at the age of 32. She suffered from bi-polar disorder. She held degrees in literature and design, and spoke 5 languages. Her passion for poetry and art had led to a desire for involvement in the field of art therapy. Her greatest ambition though was for the simplest things. She just wanted someone to love, a home, and time to write and paint. Most of all, she wanted to be well.

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