Saturday, March 01, 2003

Michael Furs

to avalanches as they rumble

to avalanches as they rumble
down adjacent faces. head towards
the canyons that they have
fallen into. stop as the day
sets. cook whatever is
left over flames.

eat vegetarian meals. consider
hemingway. make
snow angels during the wet season,
snow with breath, us
alchemists of the soul. eclipse
the ground we stand on. shimmering
life diamonds float
away before us. go on
from there. drink from glacier
lagoons. we
manuel with cowboy hat
claudio with adidas cap
and me lacking tunic
stare at the sun.

yellow no. 5

triple cola pronounced treeplay lists artificial
colors as an ingredient. preservatives also. i
drank some in huaycachina
on a restaurant patio. on the street,
tourists from all over the world carouse
the lagoon.
locals, some longlegged
with real bright shirts, too. its summer
in paradise. a dog with ripped orange tee shirt,
ribs protruding, big cock hanging out, saunters by.
im pretty sure hes from the bronx.

down a sanddune behind
the oasis, a boy does cartwheel back handspring
back flip back flip back flip
down to the water and gets nothing
in return for the fact
that it happened. somewhere im sure
some chicken makes real
shiny with piss a red wheelbarrow.

sermon ostolaza
(a la noche)

the shadow of a donkey
comes to life from a painting

and chases beer
fast down
my throat.
everybody laughs.

the shadow
of a donkey
comes to life
from a painting

and chases
fast down
my throat. everyone

everyone laughs.

Michael Furs was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut. He has suffered with anxiety disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder, and he has had a nervous breakdown. Despite this, he has worked as an Emergency Medical Technician and Rehabilitation Counsellour for schizophrenics, as well as spending much time volunteering in the United States and in Lima, Peru.

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