Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Jan Savanyu

Newfangled ten thousand tenfold device that brannacks
forth a solution: the hair of the pintofolded woman or Edna
proclaiming her hate with kisses ten thousand ten folding
two brannacking beaming forth a nude conversation with
arousing tools of social flesh gouging more of what it
intended or twenty thousand five folded that face in the
grocery crowd that singular creme devil to resist no speak
no look but atonement made mother brannacking a

spaces or shes what's left after the udder is milked
brannackbefolding tenfold fifty measure nano-machine where
is her on button

edna eye give you meye gumption       iu?

Jan Savanyu: I am a 24 year old student in Richmond, VA. I am heavily influenced by the likes of Dickinson, Cummings and Corso. all I can say is that you must keep positive thinking and no illness in your body and mind can destroy you.

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