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Clemente Padin




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The Narcissus's Jardiniere

Clemente Padin was born on 8th October, 1939, in Lascano, Rocha, Uruguay. Poet, graphic artist, performer, videomaker, multimedia, networker and art critic. Graduated on Hispanic Literature at the Republic of Uruguay´s University. Edited the magazines Los Huevos del Plata (The Silver´s Eggs), 1965-1969; OVUM 10 and OVUM, 1969-1975, Participación (Participation) 1984-1986 and Correo del Sur (Southern Post), 2000.

Had published some books and booklets in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Venezuela, United States, Holland and Uruguay including : Los Horizontes Abiertos, two editions, 1969-1989; Visual Poems, four editions: the first "OVUM",1969 , the last Xexoxial Ed., Madison,Wisc.,U.S.,1990 and ; Angulos, Amodulo, Milano, Italy, 1972; De la Representation a l´Action, Doc(k)s Ed.,Marseille, France,1975 ; Omaggio a Beuys and Sign(o)graphics, I.A.C. Ed.,Oldenburg,Germany,1975-1976; Happy Bicentennial, Daylight Ed., Holland,1976; Action-Works, three editions 83, 88 and 1992 ; Peace=Bread, (Ed.Fluxshoe, New York,U.S.,1986; Art & People, Light and Dust , Wisconsin, USA, (1996); Experimental Poetry, Factoria Merz Mail, Barcelona, Spain,1999; La Poesía Experimental Latinoamericana, 1950-2000, Información y Producciones, Madrid, Spain, 1999; La Poesía es la Poesía, Ed. Autor, Montevideo, Uruguay, 2000; PAZ/PAN, poema interactivo, CD Rom, Montevideo, Uruguay, 2001; Poems to Eye, The Runaway Spoon Press, Port Charlotte, FL, USA, 2002; Spam Trashes, CD Rom, Montevideo, Uruguay, 2002; Visual Poems, Ed. Visual World Poetry, Saint Petesbourg, Russia, 2002, etc.

Had exhibited collectively in more than 207 expositions and in more than 1.500 Mail Art Shows, from 1969 to 2002. Had exhibited his works individually in Montevideo, Uruguay, 1973; West Berlin, Germany, 1984; Hyogo, Japan, 1986; Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1988; Chester Springs, Philadelphia, U.S.A., 1989; Edewecht, Germany, 1989; Seoul, South Korea, 1996; Hasselt, Bélgica, 1997; Barcelona, Spain, 1997 & 2002; Verona, Italia, 1998.

Was especial guest in the XVI Sao Paulo Biennal, Brazil,1981; special mention in the I Biennal of La Habana, Cuba,1984; fellowshipped by German Academy of Arts and Literature, DAAD, West Berlin, Germany,1984; admitted in the II Video Biennal of Medellin, Colombia,1988; The XI International Congress in Aesthetic, Nottingham, England,1988 ; rewarded in the Posters Concourse to XXIV Seoul Olympiad, Korea,1988; Actions, multidisciplinary artistic event in Chester Springs, Philadelphia, USA,1989; rewarded in XXXVIII Montevideo´s Municipality Saloon,1990; V International Biennal of Visual/Experimental Poetry, Mexico City, Mexico,1996, where was distinguished by his pionnering activities joined to Edgardo Antonio Vigo and Guillermo Deisler; Eye Rhymes (conference on visual poetry, Edmonton, Canada,1997; VIII International Festival on Poetry, Medellín, Colombia,1998, Literature out of the Books, University of Barcelone, Spain, 1999, VII Biennal of Havanna, Cuba, 2000, etc.

Has been published in tenths and tenths of magazines and publications in all the world. His notes was translateds to English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Hungarian, Dutch, German, Russian, etc. Has worked actively in internet projects since 1992. For more information see :

Has personally participed, among others, in the following encounters:
- International Expo of Propositions a Realize, Buenos Aires, 1971
- XVI Sao Paulo Biennal, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1981
- First Seminary of Contemporaneous Art, Rosario, Argentine, 1984.
- 34th Annual Meeting of PCCLAS, Mexico & U.S.A., 1988.
- XI International Congress in Aesthetic, Nottingham, England, 1988.
- Actions, Chester Springs, Philadelphia, U.S.A., 1989.
- II Latinoamerican Encounter of Fine Arts, Porto Alegre, RS, Brasil, 1990.
- TOMARTE,First Alternative Encounter of Art , Rosario, Argentine, 1990.
- International IX Symposium of Literature: Modernism - Modernity - Postmodernity, Montevideo, Uruguay, 1993.
- International Coloquium on Hispano-American Poetry from 60s., La Habana, Cuba,1994.
- XXXIX Congress of SALALM, Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A., 1994.
- I International Conference of Latinamerican Literature 1945-1995, Mexico, 1995.
- V International Biennal of Visual/Experimental Poetry, Mexico City, Mexico, 1996
- I & II Euro-American Exposition of Visual Poetry", Bentos Goncalves, RS, Brazil, 1996-1997.
- First Buenos Aires Conference on Experimental Poetry, Argentine, 1996.
- Art, Ethics and Human Rights, University of Tucuman, Argentine, 1996.
- Eye Rhymes, University of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, 1997.
- STOP, National Museum of Contemporary Arts, Santiago, Chile, 1998.
- Intersigns Poetry, Paço das Artes, San Pablo, Brazil, 1998.
- VIII Festival Internacional de Poesía de Medellín, Colombia, 1998.
- Belo Horizonte Biennal of Poetry, Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil,1998.
- The Literature out the Books, University of Barcelone, Spain, 1999.
- Trienal of Visual Poetry, Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil, 2000
- VII Biennal of Havanna, Wifredo Lam Centre, La Habana, Cuba, 2000
- Encontro Internacional de Literatura Latino-Americana, Belo Horizonte, MG, Brasil, 2001
- Le Dernier Festival, Ventabren, Marsella, France, 2001
- IV Salon of Digital Art, Havanna, Cuba, 2002
- VII International Biennal of Cuenca, Ecuador, 2002
- Perfopuerto, Festival on Performances, Valparaíso, Chile, 2002

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