Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Maria Claudia Faverio

Night Musings

Sitting here
at 4 o'clock in the morning
under a mangrove tree hung with stars
and insomniac birds,
I surrender to light
in spite of the early hour,
bargained into shape again.

You are not here,
you unnameable one,
but it is not a loss -
barbed-wire passions have never
excited me too much.

But the pitted moon -
what a beauty!
I could fall in love with it
like Li Po,
hug it,

then feel the compelling
kiss of the earth
and discover the working of things,
their dour splendour.

I could make earth my womb
and untie poems
like birthday presents.

You are not here.
It's not a loss.

Maria Claudia Faverio: I am an Australian poet who lives 80 km south of Sydney. I have just published my second poetry book. I also publish in the journals of the societies I am a member of. Poetry for me is a means of_expression, it helps me to express what I feel inside. I also write fairy tales and puzzles, I paint, play and compose music.

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