Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Colin Van Der Woude


Shifted minds burglars snitch
never again eyes watching twitch
come and go with everything I owe
she said my writing was good,
but widely misunderstood.


I want you to see beyond my body this time
to be female like you I don't know why
just you in a theatre you mime to cry

I don't want all this undenied attention
to talk of thoughts is to unduly mention

Stealing love from the rich to give to the poor
what's left for the thieves?
nothing to add a tally or score winter's leaves.

Colin Van Der Woude: I'm a 28 year old from Australia who is living with schizophrenia and I use poetry as a creative outlet. I love using words to convey memories and feelings, emotions… I hope to one day have some work published and I'm on a mission to dispel any myths of mental illness.

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