Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Steve Dalachinsky

so profoundly made…..
a scramble after a lecture by kristeva @ nyu added/subtractions
(& mischa mengelberg @ tonic)

so profoundly influenced by
monk (s with habit)
body is met a - ( things & words )
valse valse valse - sad-o-mask kit sic
dreamless dream (only signs sounds sensations)
so round the tick(le) tock on flat wall
disruptive (non-narrative)
divine taps - subject/object asthma //\\ ham sat
this is a ruin & who's to say's not the first time
potter has messed with the pot
to authenticate history
before it had barely be-
come a part of it
suffocated anal(y sis) is/is sissie issue
i-mage = game geni(e)us
that part of sheet that is covered w/music
covers me this somewhat cold night
monitors my rhythms
strings my breath to reflectives
it's impossible to re/lie
integrity exhal(t)ed on the gritty plane
substitutes sorrow immediate
(3x) dada rula dada rula
genius co-lapse other rehto(ld) < art aud >
subs sorrow sub subsumed and tuted "'"""" thoughts ->
\ > immediate source for joy i mediate sauce for joy
celram celram lose their shape
holding the divine w/in an eclipse of magnificence
( cathedral ) narrative = women's dress
i.e. fashion excess(ories)
( stained glass ) zohar hazard i.e. topsy pts 1&2 as in
one unity bursting polytheisms ellingtonias
monstrous signs ( search ) protean forms subject trials
to beat
to eat
to be it
to eat shit
exploring exploding <-> UNITY shatt'ring cont(r)acts avechectic tool
tattered phallus perversed a tale of illusions cat as trophy
co-presence coversion / spacial / temporal
( o rary ) celeste fresh as a rose w/out matter
tho matter is absorbed & merges as in floating I-dents
into a fleshy fol-roost
he is in the world
the world is in him ( a fowl roast - a foul roast )
SELF & OTHER other/self suggest sub/ject you jest
flesh of patient transformed transference of identity
transference & counter transference
conch-et-conch complicated economy censured and sensor/ships
sensing non-sense (ing) the body trans/parent
the body polit(e)ic
body of language
body of businessman conclusions moments interpretive theory-peutics
freud as be-bop doubt fraud as
benev(i)olence permanence of S&M
the max of cruelty & delicacy to mobilize the men struals min strels one
& all
ficial tact gently cutting the endless war of trumphs
I conclude cruelty is a recourse to the words of life the dimension
Men tion MEN MEN MEN men shun
persistence renewed w/in violence when all there is
when all there is is the is itself in ex-is- tence in a
cruel cruel world in a cruel cruel time
where faith & delicacy dwell like a flower
carved into a restless soul.
dada rula dada rula dada rula

steve dalachinsky kristeva at nyu icp orchestra @ tonic 10/04

de kooning ( morton feldman - 1963 )

tis form
an empty sell/out
these chairs from rumbling a morph
created & why a hang tix over
the foreground
when no film's presented
only thin flim

& a counter top immersed in standing
a shallow shadow not unlike a window
that shows the theme red - hem

this count
that reminds one
of choice
of mistake
of the renegade shot in the head

well he's dead now you say
as my leg's start moving away from me

these bodies
they are so vicious &
surely they cannot all be
his women

(this is what the silence tells me)

& of all the things i could tell you now
only this:
                 it is not as song appears
             it is only the time between

steve dalachinsky nyc carnegie hall - zankel hall 11/17/04

eros denied (after a painting by jaxson )

hung sharply      crossed
bone white      squared
the mirky forms of Joseph & Madonna
molded against his body
in mourning.

hang across stretcher
sharp......end.....in pain
         the glassflat ghosts of Judas & Magdelene
     shaped against his structure
for redemption.

light      & infinite fading
     his bones of flesh
                 the backbone of light
         his milky head sharply squared off
         against the denial of his Wisdom &
         weeping & crossing the visions
with kingdom
         the green leaf turned to autumn.

the paling shadows of man & woman
             brother & whore
             mother & thief

     Jesus      Joseph      &      Mary
     Jesus      Judas      &      Mary
all denied
             eternally misunderstood
             shamefully ironically misinterpreted
         broken light in morning
         in need of redemption & care
     in need of uniting the bones with the ghosts..

steve dalachinsky was born in brooklyn some time after the last big war and has managed to survive lots of useless little wars. his work appears in many journals on and off line around the globe. he has several books and cds of which the latest are, trial and error in paris, i thought it was the end of the world, st. lucie eyes on a plate, and the forthcoming chapbook in glorious black and white and the e-chap arivin' in the okidoke.

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