Tuesday, March 01, 2005

George Kerr

(for Anita Cochrane)

I got swallowed by a sugar
skull on the Day of the Dead.
A treacled cavern of candled
marigolds where Coatlique danced
in a serpent skirt and kissed me
her last

We sat by Lake Texcoco
and toked on zest of Aztec and time
near a puma with an eagle in its eye,
my ears caught fire.
The lake was sand
and I was afloat on the earth.

Paris passed
then all of Ireland and I waved to
Liberty before I drowned.

After I drowned I stay in the skull
and lollipop the brule like a bee.
And when the jawbone sets the sun,
ambered glops toffy slow and candy me.

George Kerr is from Belfast, Northern Ireland and works as a jazz writer and musician.

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