Wednesday, March 01, 2000


The Unknown -- A Dance of the Sin of Life

The protection of insanity keeps the wolves of reality
just barely at bay. I hear their howls behind me,
stalking their prey. Stalking me. Hunted in the hour
of midnight, I flee across this wasteland of raw
hunger and need. I once dwelled in the garden of
fantasy. I danced with the Silent Knight of
Imagination. I spun tales around me that caught me up
in soft feathers of delight, tickling my senses. Then
came the nightmare of surrender; Surrender of myself
to the throes of living. The frost of fear had killed
the garden. No longer was I cradled in the valley of
tenderness. I became just another faceless Unknown. An
Unloved. A forgotten dreamer, left to the blight of
misery. Screaming fields of bloody hate seemed to
overcome me. It washed over my feet, as one, tainting
me with its foulness. So I fled to the safety found in
madness. Now, I will drink my life until I remember
what "life" is. In the ever-shifting shelter of
psychosis I remain. Always dodging my wolves.......

The Hunted

The smiling executioner
in Khrono's playground.
A blood feeder to be sated
with not-so-innocent lives.
He digs them up,
from the scum of chaos.
Throws a mind into a
soulless body
and calls them
The Hunted.
They wander the spaces in-between
hoping to avoid him,
all the while
committing deeds as heinous as his
Feeding on the wine of life.
Stuffing themselves with their own kind.
They breathe Hate.
Just as He does.
They are All
without shame.

(a note -- "Khrono" is a German name for "time" )


Who are You to entrance me so?
I am almost scared of these intense feelings
You send to all my senses.

Who are You to dance so teasingly
through my thoughts and dreams?
I wonder if You're even conscious
of the web You are weaving.

Who are You, that I fantasize
how deep passion between us would feel ?
How would Your voice sound
when saying my name with desire ?

Who are You to make me feel this way ?

You are a seductress;
You are passionate and intriguing....
Already You have me bound
in Your trappings of soft allusions.

Age: My name is adrienne aka age. 21 female ... hailing from upstate ny. Uhm... i've been diagnosed with PTSD and manic depression with a side dish of "schizophrenic tendencies".

Labels. ::shrugs:: Been dealing with m' "mental problems" for about 7 years now. i write poetry/prose for one reason: so i don't explode from all the noise and confusion in m' head. ::curtseys:: That's all.

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