Wednesday, March 01, 2000

Elizabeth Harper

Creation By Clash

I sit in shade,
Overhead loom high canyon walls
Behind me river water falls.
Swamps with cattails - In a desert?!?
I sit timeless in this glade.

Moss, ferns, and even trees
Struggle for growth - water from each spring.
The Great White Throne - of God or the king.
Is now unseen, yet nearby.
Black minerals weep
Over stones in red
Greenness grows as springs seep.

Rocks and river splash,
Green and red, blue and tan, all clash!
Clashes, such beauty create.
Seeing this will satiate
The true hunger for natural, silent beauty.

Whipped Apricots Peaks of Yore

Whipped apricot peaks -
Egg white icing Orange icing
decorated with green trees
Shrubs, bushes
Vermilion flowers, stripped bees
I see them spelling out occasions and names.
Unknown language, seen only in rushes.

Smells sweet.
Apricot, mint, and sage,
Biggest strange cake ever made!
Is the ground below to eat?
Behind, the Navajo sandstone shows its age.

Whipped apricot peaks,
Purple decor.
Some apricot spilled on the floor!
Sugar in my dress,
This does make a mess!
I smile as birds go "chirp chirp" with their beaks.
This cake has been made of yore.

Goodnight My Friend

Sleep tight
Sleep easy and free.
Stay warm and cozy through the night.

Let no clown spy you.
Be gone! Bother no one furthermore!
May nightmares pass by you.
Gently close your eyes, to lightly dream.

May your dreams be of warm safety,
Of laughs and happiness.
Of beauty and of Strength.
Strength you have, to stay or to leave.

Strength to rewrite nightmares,
...If you so desire.
Or banish them completely.
They will go away as burned by fire.

Awaken then, after sleep in warm safety,
Renewed and refreshed.
Laughing from the funny dreams.
Inspired by the rest.

Elizabeth Harper David Woodard Frans Lelieveld Age Melissa McHenry

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