Sunday, July 01, 2001

Colin Van Der Woude


I can hear the music cats play
melodies and harmony
sacred notes in disarray
a chorus plucked from a broken piano choir
a choir of haunted souls

The enchantress of unholy salvation
purifier of thought
pontifical to a God of love

Mirrored minds the son of thee
disappearing twisting images

My mind outcasts friends
and mends broken ends

Colin Van Der Woude: I'm a 24 year old writer from Tassie Australia...was diagnosed with a mental illness at the tender age of 14...I write about thoughts and experiences, mainly at night when I'm too tired to reach for a pen. I have written poetry since the age of 15, a year after being diagnosed with Schizophrenia... used to also be an artist but my creativity in that area was "haloperidolised" and I gave up painting a year ago. Writing is now my main creative outlet.

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