Thursday, November 01, 2001

Joe Hackworth

Making A Fist
(for Jacob)

Tucked in, discussing Disney
and Mufasa's demise,
bright eyes turn for an instant
and dark.
I wouldn't let you
get killed, he said.
I'd make a fist
and punch the whole world back.

Later my champion lies
in a blanket of innocence,
the day's events playing quiet games
at the corners of his mouth.
I stroke each fragile finger
knowing how he felt -
willing to fight for love
but with more fear.

Each day I stand
fist drawn back,
ready to swing and miss.
I am small
in the face
of enormity -
a toy pistol cocked and aimed
at a world that would take
that smile.

Introvert Exposed

He is a man who walks the world
with cautious poise and ever present watching.
Who, when he is alone
finds himself
able to dance,
arms akimbo, doing a jig
just for the hell of it.

Joe Hackworth: I was diagnosed in 1989 with Depression, Obsessive/Compulsive and Panic/Anxiety disorders. I have yet to find the right doctor or medication, but the search goes on. Obladi, Oblada.

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