Thursday, November 01, 2001

K. Lee

Sunday in the Park With Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali sketched my eye last Sunday.
He told me to keep my head moving
so that he could paint a seeing eye--
a picture that would stare back
at its observer.

"An eye in motion is a seeing eye."
"An eye that sees nothing is almost blind."

He painted blindfolded
so that the painting would be
an original vision.

Next Sunday, he wants to sketch
my mind down by the river.

Watching the World Like a Silent Movie

Crouch twisted
in a blank stare
squinting through shades of
grey nothingness.

No projection
of the origin of
cherry trees.
No injection of
madness to puncture wounds.
No fleshtones
to paint
what goes BUMP in the night.

Close your eyes
(the hero is murdered)
See black
(your eyes roll back
          like the hand of a dead man)

See nothing
Everything turns RED



Cars, fast food, Kodak memories--
sophisticated products
for sophisticated people.

We should sophisticate the trees--
All plant life must furnish
proof of property rights
before it can legally
take root.

Nothing is alive
without official documentation.
Each person has a right
to their own bar code number.
Products that don't scan
will be discarded.

This is a system
for your protection
a safety net
to catch you,
to hold you,
to keep you
from falling
through the gaps,
the cracks,
the loop holes,
the escape hatch
to freedom.

K. Lee. Born 1975. Been plagued by extreme clinical depression since age 11. Sometimes suffers "visions" .Gave up on therapists, but still takes medication (currently Prozac, occasionally Buspar). Panic attacks and paranoia. Thinks Pizza and Donuts are food groups. Knows that dogs (especially little ones) are the most superior of all beings. Has a fantastic mom and step-dad and a loving boyfriend who keep her going. Also has 2 amazing critters who keep her laughing and caring.

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