Monday, November 01, 2004

Colin Van Der Woude


Every Sunday somebody...
or someone
sends me guiding light
every minute
so it seems
the duration of happiness
is hard to seem dear
to break it from my mind
Oneday. Soon.
I will find who does this with pleasure.


Paths shall always meet
today I thought I saw you -
sitting alone, on a seat.

Of course I remember you -
it's a glittering reversal
of how I didn't know you
Touched that sensual memory
you placed it back in my mind
not many could do, only less than a few

How we first met?
I was ashamed to forget
but you somehow noticed
and changed the path.

Well well...

Standing, oh walking I say!
you asked me something that added to a word -

fascinated, you were, don't lie;
how else could you remember -
or is it that I'm an ugly guy?
You worked with your third eye
bring it back!


"Keep quiet!" said the saint
"Or, I won't let you stay!"
Look at my face -
"Forget the past!" he said
a video to watch
so lost, but again the girl
the one with the imaginary gnome
It was real but nothing is real
never is
never will be
and never has been 'real'
just a silly word to me and her
tell the truth
I hear the positivity all around
go home -
keep secrets?

The guitar will begin to play...
by itself in a strange way
dancing, jumping all around
"My feet never hit the ground?"
where did I remember?
probably that innocent September
before the October
when everything began to fall over

Reggae is sweet and uplifting
it is playing while I write
Nineteen Eighty Five
seven eleven the special time
it always use to show

Call this eccentric or crazy or weird
but the backward clothing
is being worn only by YOU
open those EYES

Cleaning up.
Speaking my sub-conscious
the leaf was sweet
while others had a bite to the already distorted
Babylon changed its ways
never would I know -
I just speak the seeds I always sow

Decision - unknown to my eyes?
roads lead everywhere
you don't have to see them
but there is always a path,
sometimes many,
narrow some may seem,
others are uphill
but you always reach the end.

Prolific, not what I would say!
If you have the special feeling
spend what may take a day.

look back on the work
it may surprise and so much
it may feel a lie.

Colin Van Der Woude: I was only 15 years old and less than a year after diagnosis I was writing this work, heavilly influenced by late nights and music of The Cure. I am currently a 27 year old from Hobart Tasmania, Australia who loves writing emotion down in notebooks.

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