Monday, November 01, 2004

Steven Dalachinsky

cecil taylor trio @ castle clinton - 7/29/04 ( for (e) shadow )

tell this   dy /// nam   is mos
useless blues & pinks
                in mentus
this is daylight when we most need it when
there is no day left
this is river in a shadow
shadow against an even/ing when
tree become sky

   no mental can the shadows stay this silent for so>long
   the bricks that never saw the war they fought for

                it is a yellow in the eye
                useless magenta that crosses our lives

the sun is behind me the sun
                          it heats my neck

   dy na mis mos    contrarios
                          one immigrant says to another
                     i passed thru here                           (too)

                          vialavitsef    feast    & live
                     tale tail's tale      to taste
                aventus      creatus rowldtercompat

the act of natural act of..................
                                    i've come thru here too
                                    the shadows never move
             the trees & sky are one
             glass & stone & steel a blding make
             fingers make things happen
one immigrant says to another
             glass stone & steel
             are the building blocks of this world

trader trapped inside the gullum
is a wink    the paper asleep
i crumble
                 in uniform your day begins
     like this:      shadows never move
                 sun behind your back
                 useless magenta
                 bricks that tell a tale
                 fingers make things happen

running spotlights cannot function before the nite arrives
it is really not the clock that determines transition
that crosses our lives
one immigrant says to another
                 it is when the sun crosses our backs like a river
         a festival a world -

                 sonic      tellin      panic
                 when the light that was created
             becomes the light that was invented
         a bet earned      a wise trade      a gorge traversed

2(      money      is the (M) angle
         we will not be fed by sunlight    a    loan
             even now as evening turns    snurt the concessions
         no time for this/that      it's obligat(o)ion 0bliGate
                 it's now dark it feels

             one immigrant says to another
feel my neck it passed this way
this is no joke
         privitize my sacrament it's cool now      hands on          it's cool now
             the useless magenta adds to the piano's song
                 this world was built by hands
                 tree & sky no longer touch
                 the shadows have become a river
                     that does not flow
                     brick is what i call your face
                                 i remain attached to my allegiance
                                 tea is a drink for two (3)
                                         this shifting desire is a wedge
                                                 between the clock & the hrs
clamusin          tourista          raditsula          bo          ard

         such useless appendages these hands              against the unmanacled day.


i am possessed
i definitely know now that i am possessed
by my/

we all have to pay eventually
for being on the guest-list
if i weren't here i'd have the tor-
ment of being some/where
even the dessert isn't any good
the water is about the only thing worth

i know now that i am possessed
a stones' throw away from a stone ('s)


they took it down they
blew it up they took it down they blew it

Steven Dalachinsky: my name is steven dalachinsky i am a poet among other things who has lived in ny my entire life i have been battling mental illness for lack of a better term most of my life tho most find this hard to believe. i was hospitalized when young and put thru the ringer in many ways

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