Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Carrie Hunter

The Unicorns


A unicorn for Iyanna,
                 with an 80's asymmetrical haircut.

If I had any power.

Luck twists itself out of me.

My insistence on.

Red buttons drop like seeds.

I may have entered.

Everything I see is.


Orange cones in snow.
         One or more bound variables.
Crystal seer.
         "What you need to know."
         "What you need to know."
                                         Yell it louder.


Every constellation is not made of stars.

Stairs that turn,
         I want to be them.

What my mother would tell me
                 if she were here.

The windowsill hurts.

Every fear protecting you from what is feared.

Apple. Jacks.

         Putting things away.

A wish for stories
                 and stones to throw.

Glinted gift you carry back.

A smile in poverty,
                         but not amongst.

         Having never learned to can.

What he said about what I could not understand.

There are no bumblebees here.

Yellow laughter could be what you wanted.

Carrie Hunter has been published online in Moria Poetry, Eratio Postmodern Poetry, Aught, Turntable & Blue Light, Dusie, Parcel, and Sawbuck, and in print in SCORE magazine, CRIT Journal 2, and Small Town XII. Her chapbook Vorticells was published by Cy Gist Press, and an e-chapbook Kine(sta)sis was published by Dusie, a portion of which is also featured in Jacket 35. She received her MFA/MA in Poetics at New College of California, edits ypolita press (ypolitapress.blogspot.com), and lives in San Francisco.

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