Sunday, March 01, 2009

Tendai Mwanaka

Nobody Tells The Truth

When a thing vanishes
And then-
Suddenly comes back
Nobody tells it
The truth
Even when everyone knows
The shapes
In the shadows

And a cult of
Personal honesty
Leaves not shadows
But hidden shells
Within hidden shells
Of all the things
That we had felt
As the truth
All gone away.

See How It Begins To Distort

Guard every speech
That you say

Because it carries
The warmth and moistures
Of your life
See how this utterance
Begins to distort

It is a seeker
Of sensations
Knowledge is
Just a side effect
In these particulars

Tendai Mwanaka: I have published several poetry and short stories in UK, USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, INDIA AND SOUTH AFRICAN MAGAZINES, inclusive of the following; wordgathering, decanto, winningwriters, earlscourt, newcontrast, itch, poetrylifeandtimes,languageandculture, kota, kritya, barnwood, beyond the rainbow, curious record, mobius, mgversion2,idiom and I have work forthcoming in decanto, newcontrast, phoenix review, downtreader, sonnetart, wordgathering, snailpress, Potomac, poetrymonthly international and newcoin.

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