Saturday, March 01, 2008

Mary Kasimor

as she admires herself

you as I am one

then you tear it
apart it is admissible
trees grew their fingers
out scraping away

another system specific
with what I don’t want

the girl is still within
and without you I would

be still

I admire the symmetry
of asymmetrical time
in motion cracking stones

at the settlers’ edges

control our depth
if I were not brought up
to avoid the essence
of stinks
coming from the essence

oh well

it will come
back to show off

I will decide to undress it

I will want to sleep
with the imposters of
perfect skin

Mary Kasimor: I have been published in many journals, including GutCult, BlazeVox2k3, moria, How2, Ensemble Jourine, Coconut, among others.

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