Saturday, March 01, 2008

Patrick Mc Manus


to help her
after her
hard day
at work
they took to
role playing
the tense moments
threatening situations
that sort of thing
but one day
sometime later
terribly injured
awfully scarred
touch and go
he woke up
in intensive care
on a drip
they then
thought that
perhaps she
could learn
some nice relaxing
breathing exercises

Patrick Mc Manus is a retired architect-survivor poet published in ‘Beyond Bedlam’ ‘Magma’ ‘Under the Asylum Tree’ and more latest books ‘Cement and Water’ and ‘Bricks - kept relatively sane with painting ex potter -ex voluntary work mental health-running poetry workshops groups helped by doses of Poetryetc and Britpos- -has –partner Janet ,Cat Vile Boris and grandchildren.-saw second world war -born London long ago.

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