Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Adejoh Momoh

The Others

My memory is adrift: constantly engaged in bouts and
bouts of thoughts that both be wrong and right.
As the tide rises, I offer prayers to mighty Allah:
‘Does he still live?’. ‘Do not take this like you took the others?’
My sanity is adrift: woefully the others haunt my day
dreams: dishing pain/suffering in deathfully cold slivers.
To heavenward I turn, the others who in death engaged
should in death remain.
Should he join the others, in pain would my days be
consumed. The fangs of death would I with much
pleasure embrace: all my hospital nights of near death
would I willfully recall.
My many loves have the others been: with their
deaths, I die over and again.

Stuck Where I Am

From this end to that end I will to move:
All my toil, my labor is in wait for the
In lowly tones, you ask that I wait:
It was my mistake: for with military might I
flung my heart open, but still was I
open to bindings from the world I left: my ideas
preconceived I didn’t deny.
Was I not listening? When by fire you commanded,
‘deny all that to you is familiar, accept all that
which I offer you’
How do I come to terms with man denying family?
‘I was lost but now I’m found. I was alive
and now I’ve drowned’

Adejoh Idoko Momoh: I was born in Kaduna, Nigeria in 1988, I have loved poetry all my life. Draw my inspiration from old classics. Use poetry as a creative outlet for negative energy. I hope someday to have a book of classic poetry published.

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