Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Keith Nunes

We Are One

Three fours and she’s curdling in the milk
Smacking diving cormorants with a piece of wood
That looks like Buddha
I peel away the skin of my grandfather
And emerge veins out of place
A smile I don’t recognize
She substitutes befuddled for a tap beer and
We slide toward a dilemma
Full of Bulgarian businessmen and
On the stroke of one we are two

She slides on purple Docs and I
Immediately revolutionise the map
Telling Aunt Mary there is a spade and
An ace she can use to unearth heaven
Back at the front they are dying for a cuppa
At the rear five fatties with rounded burps
Collapse at the sight of Father Tomlin flying
And on the stroke of two we are one

Holy Hole

The hole needed to be dug
The spade needed to be cleaned
He wanted a compliment but
She needed a reason
Now they talk through lawyers
He hasn’t dug a hole in a long time

Keith Nunes: I am from Tauranga. A former journalist I now write poetry to stay sane and fight off my ever present depression. I've been published in a number of poetry journals and ezines in New Zealand and overseas over the years.

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