Wednesday, August 26, 2009

jesse s. hanson

seeing love

I climb all day some stairs in my head
I have to go fight the devils off
I don’t like to face the truth
I turn my back instead

You look out over all creations
You hold no truck with preachers
You honor the old promises
You recognize no nations

this is where I dwell in madness and sorrow
this fear operating from my shoulder
this cursed world without is now within me
this damn mythical tomorrow

Your words of recognition calm me
Your rules of iron, your heart of wax
Your sad brown eternal bottomless eyes
   Your vina, bell, and mrdanga call me

here in these haunted brackish waters
here upon these raw boned blooded knees
here where my appeals have been denied for so many ages
here I turn on the wheel of insane religious potters

seeing love, the world turns away in shame
seeing love we sin the harder
seeing love the armies come to kill it
seeing love the world remains the same

Michael Wilson Barry Seiler Chrissa Sandlin Mary Ocher G David Schwartz Jesse S Hanson Adejoh Momoh Keith Nunes Christopher Barnes Tiffani Hollis

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