Sunday, August 01, 2004

Craig Kirchner

'sickness unto death'

what he believed
he knew
what he knew
was true,
this for him
a church bell
in a light snow
layering metaphysics

once replete
the contagious
pact with reality
the truth poser
the sanctity
of doubt

with an immoral
of almost rain
sat him down
to one riddle
at a time

Lonely Shepherd

The feeble written wit
taps through the fog
with an old man's cane,
while the pompous elegant verse
strides briskly past,
seeking reality at the sidewalk's end.

… Silently surveying his gutter world
the street urchin humbly wonders
at the tense waves
of cold damp grey
such efforts bring the night.

Craig Kirchner: I live and work as a consultant on the east coast but consider myself a hobo of the universe. I write about what I know best and yet least - myself - in an effort to remove those labels.

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