Sunday, August 01, 2004

Millie Niss

The Brave Get Stung

litmus test for liver: lie
courage comes lily and yellow
white feathers grace
the headdresses of the chief
accountant for the firm
abdomen a section of a bug
jackets yellow and tiger striped
like the pants of prison inmates
malfunctioning machine makes me mad
don't drink and drive, my mother said
said suspect slyly lies laughter
of clowns always melancholic
or alka-seltzer plop plop plop
bird droppings on the bald man's pate-
-ernoster prayed in genuflection
like a real flexor muscle man
lies and lifts weights in prison yard
three feet under lying dead
letter officials censor, cut
before you deal the deck
chairs too flimsy for the house
a full one wins the hand-
-yman prize for furnace installation
art with yellow lilies painted

Millie Niss is from New York City, where she writes and does web design. She has had poetry and web art published in trAce (UK), Beehive, Sidereality, Milk Magazine, The Museum of the Essential and Beyond That (Brazil), The Buffalo News, Artvoice, Sudden Magazine, m.a.g.,, Rhizome/hypperhiz, (UK),,, etc. Her web site is

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