Sunday, August 01, 2004

Pedro Trevino-Ramirez

Sophie's Wall


This cement one sun or another has
colored. The south wall of Saint

Cecelia's was to this color built.
Winter is over. The wall is the same

every morning. Winter is over,
the color is original. I photograph

debris and think it beautiful for it is
grey. Color is morning.


Your travel one hand or another has
driven. The stream of your wetness

was to this hand released. Barriers
be through. The shudder is recalled

each morning apart. I photograph you
bare for you will travel again apart;

for I think our hands beautiful in this
winter that is over, in your wetness

that is new. Mine or your hand recall
this to one in thought the other; for

the wetness released. Barriers be
through for the sugar and the hand.


A man near death must tell his son "Go to labor
your hands & build now a house; answer to not
architecture, but bone of only your boy hands."

So a man has & I went the stone valley & saw all
to burn that I may study resistance to wrath
& for my home use the strongest ash as clay.


Imbalance of the river's casement
dams in flood, a barb in the hand
of an officer.

                     A blue mouth, white
woman smoking on the east coast.
Language of my foreign birth.
Ein toter Soldat und sein Sohn.
I have suddenly again become
the man my father sought to raise.


It is like my dark hand again
beside your face: here now

the sun is not where I am
but it does not matter

what may here be seen:

my dark hand again beside
               your face, a violet

in the window & the sun weak
               on a brown house

Wife Poem: Text Fifteen

I will keep at your side if rooms are to fail,
the ports submerge, the big guns manned blow
into our home and level lanes & corner-
                                           -stones shatter

I have by the barrel birthed fire, and there
it will be I carry you for respite if your legs
have buckled; there it will be I carry you,
move in for warmth and keep at your side

               the big guns steam
               & hammer, the
               gods skirt
               further away.

Pedro Trevino-Ramirez is 19 years old and resides in Texas with his wife. He is a Pushcart Prize nominee and author of 'Origin's and Anonymity', an introspective chapbook published by Foothills Publishing. He is a monthly contributor to The Hold Magazine, a guest editor to MiPo, and his work is published or upcoming will be seen in the following: Cotyledon, Poesy, Tryst, Thunder Sandwich, Third Lung Review, Jack Magazine, Pilgrimage, Cokefish, Tamafyhr Mountain Poetry, Rock Salt Plum Review and Tin Lustre Mobile.

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