Friday, March 02, 2007

Barry Seiler

Days on End

When it comes to me or I go to it
Meeting it halfway or more, as it prefers.

When I arrange myself horizontally,
Head hooked on one end, legs dangling over

The other side, kicking, as a child might
Into the chemical blue of a pool.

When I think this is me, is all, swimming,
Stroke by stroke toward dinner.

When I’m there, just there, on the comforter.
In my crib, so to speak.

When out the back window the airplanes
Ascend from Liberty Airport

And the sun sets behind the thin vapor streaks,
And the light stretches from here back to

Its large mouth, and drones on
Its long apology.

Barry Seiler's most recent book is "Frozen Falls," published by University of Akron Press.

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