Friday, March 02, 2007

Lisa Gordon

Keeping Whole
(for Sam Silva)

Can I rest in your vision for a moment,
bathe some of my favourite things
in the light of the moon you champion,
a full globe where weather is
the rambling heart of the matter.

Sky turns black, stars come out -
the east & west hemispheres dipping
into the well of what's never lost -
feelings of coming home in all shapes & sizes,
your name your name your name.

After a night of the kind of sadness
everyone has felt, the pinning up of
drying roses, deep in the basement
of the soul looking once, & once again:

I stay round here listening for echo.
I am in a state of shedding, yet not quite.
Innocence in the form of stern nature
reorganizes everything I've ever thought.
Love digs in.

Lisa Gordon has had work published in a variety of online & print journals. She resides in Montreal with her husband, & is currently working on a booklength manuscript.

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