Friday, March 02, 2007

Dave Ruslander

Ice Queen

You’ve proved your tenacity.
Why must you continue to struggle
through this whiteout?
Each step saps your strength.

Look at my cerulean kimono and long black hair;
floating on this breeze of diamond dust.
Come, Itchi-san, sit by me for a moment
my breath will warm you.
I’ll make fire from ice to still
your shivering bones.

Don’t fear my obliquity.
Give yourself to me, everything will become clear,
you will be powdery and pure.

As my curls unfurl eternally,
your eyelids grow heavier.
Rest your head in my lap and relax.

Don't fiddle with your watch
for I have all the time in the world.

Dave Ruslander suffers from Mixed State Bipolar Disorder. He has been writing poetry for about seven years and has published a book of poetry and original artwork that attempts to describe the nonverbal language of emotion associated with mental illness. For more info on his book send an email to

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