Friday, March 02, 2007

T. Lewis

Hunting rounds

My hairs get crossed when there’s too much light in the sky.
Hard to aim your rifle if you’ve got nothing to look at.
Toward that end, I propose that we remove ourselves and
count on starting over at the crack of dawn tomorrow.

And count on starting where my eyes get crossed outside.
There’s a calmness to the outdoor landscape I can’t tell in words,
but it’s hard to aim your rifle if you’ve got nothing to look at.
So let’s get out of this rain and get back -- the others are waiting.

I can’t aim too good when there’s so much light in the sky.
There’s a calm that makes it awful hard to get out of this rain.
Toward that end, the outdoor view is calling me to disappear.
At the crack of dawn the others will have nothing to look at.

Get crossed at the crack of dawn, calmness of the outdoors.
We remove your rifle and start all over when we get back.
Let’s get out of the light in the sky, it’s awful hard to disappear.
I can’t tell, but count on starting at the end and going backward.

The others are waiting. so let’s aim awful hard and call outside.
There’s an outdoor landscape that’s nothing to look at, get out.
Go backward from the rain and aim your rifle with the crossed hairs.
Tomorrow you can count on me starting at the crack of landscape.

T. Lewis enjoys graphomania in the warmer months of the year, and slows down when the leaves start to die on the trees. He maintains two poetry blogs -- and -- and has been published in Listenlight and the 2007 St. Paul Almanac. "At a reading, whatever you say in between your poems is often more interesting than the poems

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